The Iconic Difference.

Guitars and Basses handcrafted in California for the discerning musician. Unparalleled tone, unsurpassed quality.

Our Instruments

Never compromise. Every instrument we make is the best instrument we’ve made. We make them by hand, we make them to last. They are meant to be played, consistently, in the house, in the studio and on the road. We know our guitars are bound to become your go-to, every time!

Our Story

Founded by Kevin Proctor in 2012, after years in incubation and planning, Iconic Guitars is the culmination of a clear vision, expert craftsmanship and laser focus. We take great pride in our genuine love for finely crafted, great-playing instruments and the music they help you create.

Who We Are

At Iconic we are all hands on deck, all the time. We are makers, we are players and we are gearheads. No gimmicks, just a genuine passion for building things we love.

Our Family

These are the players who proudly carry our torch. They hold us accountable and inspire us to dig deeper. We provide the fuel, they provide the fire.

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When in doubt

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Iconic Electronics

Some say the “search for the tone” is an endless road, if that’s true we hope to make your journey (a lot) more enjoyable! Our pickups, pedals and accessories are the result of our obsessive hunt for the tone.

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General Inquiries: (760) 533-7110

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2270 Camino Vida Roble - Suite V

Carlsbad, CA 92011

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