Noah Henson

Dove Award winner. Grammy nominated artist. Four albums on the Billboard 200. Over a million albums sold. Former Sony/BMG artist. Considered one of the top guitarists in Christian rock. Thousands of shows played to millions of people. This is what most people would consider successful and impressive stats.

However, Noah refuses to base his name off past success. He has one industry motto and he lives by it: “Don’t tell me what you’ve done; show me what you can do now!” This motto shapes the core of Noah’s mission with DredRock. He labors for the bands he chooses to work with and asks that they do the same.

Noah believes in every group we work with at DredRock and is therefore very selective in which bands he takes on. At DredRock, it’s either all in or all out; there is no in-between.


Main Iconic

Noah’s Vintage Modern T looks looks vintage but but it’s a legit shred machine, with it’s 10″ to 14″ radius and high-output pickups. Check out this Black/White Sparkle with a 5A flame maple neck and matching headstock.

Noah’s VMT Specs.

  • 5A roasted flamed maple neck and fretboard (10″ – 14″ radius)
  • Fast thin C profile (.790″ – .830″)
  • 22 stainless jumbo frets
  • 1.687 wide hand-cut bone nut
  • Sherwood green relic nitro finish
  • 3-way vintage selector
  • Iconic heavy plate steel bridge
  • Brass compensated saddles
  • Emerson Pro electronics