Neck Woods

Eastern Maple – Standard on all bolt-on neck models, either as a solid one-piece neck or combined with a rosewood fingerboard. Only premium, straight grain Maple is used. Highly-figured flame or birds-eye Maple is available as an option on certain models. Maple has a bell like tone with great attack, snap and note definition. The upper harmonics are more pronounced and complex. When a maple neck is combined with rosewood fingerboard the result is a softer attack and a robust and warm mid-range. I use solid, one-piece maple for all maple fingerboard instruments unless otherwise indicated.

Mahogany – Mahogany is prized for it’s tight grain, stability and tone. It is the material of choice on the Set Neck (coming soon) models. As a neck material, the Mahogany is sound rounder, softer and fuller than Maple. It has more warmth, smoother mid range and less treble snap than Maple. Various Rosewoods and Ebony are used as fingerboard material with Mahogany necks.

East Indian Rosewood – Fingerboards made from East Indian Rosewood have a smooth attack and a nice, round tone. With a full bottom end, strong midrange and warm top end, East Indian Rosewood fingerboards are very versatile and a standard for rock and roll and blues. Indian Rosewood is medium to dark brown in color.

Ebony – Prized for its tight grain and fluid feel, it offers a tight, crisp attack without much bottom warmth. For that reason, I typically do not use it as fingerboard material on bolt neck guitars as it has a tendency to make the guitar sound more harsh than I like. When combined with a mahogany neck it creates a nice balance.

Pau FerroAn excellent dense, hardwood with a very tight pore structure. The tone is a bit more bright than Rosewood yet warmer than Ebony with plenty of articulation and attack. Available as an option on either set neck or bolt neck guitars at a later date.