Guitar Overview


 Vintage and Artist Series models feature Nitrocellulose Lacquer with 3 finish options:

  • NOS - Finish featuring deep, lustrous shine and all new hardware. It will have the appearance of a guitar that has been in a time capsule with very minimal signs of wear and no aging.
  • Vintage - finish will have a period correct finish that will have the perfect amount of aging and checking with signs of wear. The guitar will look like it has been played, even gigged for a while, but fairly well taken care of. The hardware will also look the part, but absolutely function as new.
  • Artist  - On Artist inspired models this finish will replicate the original guitar and on year based models the finish will have the look of a guitar that has seen thousands of hours of playing and hundreds and hundreds of gigs. The finish and hardware will have all the signs of a well played guitar but will function as new. 

 Modern and SoCal Series 

  • All Modern and Socal Series models feature a beautiful Urethane finish that is applied thin to allow for the natural resonance of the instrument to ring through. Urethane i polishes to a lustrous shine and is more resistant to scratches and polishing marks. This will be the finish that will last you a lifetime.


Body woods are made from Alder, Swamp Ash, Pine or Mahogany depending on model. Different grades of quilted or flame maple caps can be added as an option on some models or one-offs. Each of these woods has a distinct aspect in shaping the tone of a particular model and I typically stick to that formula. Our bodies are CNC machined for consistency and accuracy and are manufactured to exacting specifications. All bodies are then meticulously hand sanded to make sure they are perfect prior to finishing.

Our necks use the same tone shaping formulas that have been used in electric guitars for generations. We use Maple, Mahogany, Ebony, Rosewood, Pau Ferro and occasionally some exotic woods for necks on one-off special guitars. Typically each of these woods has a specific model it is used on. Our necks are also CNC machined to ensure consistency and accuracy from one neck to the next. They are each hand finished to even more exacting standards ensuring a great playing guitar. 


You will find listed in the "model specifications" a detailed list of the hardware used in each of our models. We have taken painstaking efforts to ensure the period correct look of a vintage instrument that plays and functions exceptionally. The hardware utilized is from the most respected names in the industry, making sure the hardware mated to your guitar is representative of the original and will be extremely functional and reliable for many, many years to come.


There are several factors that make up the overall tonality of an instrument and I take that into account. Combined with the tone-woods mentioned above, model specific pickups and electronics are where the sound is going to be transferred from instrument to amplifier. All guitars feature pickups by David Allen. The pickups for each guitar are hand scatter wound and model specific. All guitars also feature  Emerson Custom pots and caps. All of these components are a result of a painstaking effort to bring you the absolute best playing and sounding guitar you can buy.

*NOTE* There are times when we will take artistic liberties with certain aspects of these instruments. This is only to provide you with a superior guitar that plays and sounds fantastic. The most common deviation you will likely see is our compound radius fret boards, utilized on several of our models. We will never skimp on quality or customer service! Your satisfaction is our number one priority.