Body Woods

Alder – Alder has a full robust midrange with good harmonic content that remains consistent throughout a guitars tonal spectrum. The attack is smooth but crisp. It also takes just about any finish color well. It is the most versatile sounding body wood for the Iconic S-Type models. Painted finishes will typically be 2 or 3 piece bodies. Transparent finish bodies may be 1 piece an occasionally 2 piece depending on grain match.

Swamp Ash – Swamp Ash has a more pronounced grain pattern that is very attractive and works great with transparent finishes. Tonally, Swamp Ash has a full bottom end with a clear extended top end. The mids are more “scooped” than Alder. It also has more attack and snap compared to Alder. We are very particular in selecting Swamp Ash for tonal and weight factors. Swamp Ash looks great with any transparent or burst finishes.

Mahogany – Standard on all of the set neck (coming soon) style instruments. This premium tone wood has a tight even grain structure. Tonally, it has a smooth and rich attack with warm bass, strong mid’s and a sweet and clear top end. It works great by itself or combined with a top wood like Maple for a complex tone combination.

Figured Maple – Flame and quilt Maple is very beautiful and adds to the visual appeal of an instrument. Maple has strong mids and a clear top end. Most commonly combined with an Alder or Mahogany body, a Maple top adds quickness, snap and clarity to the attack and tone of the guitar. Highly-figured flame and quilt Maple tops are available on select models as an option and besides adding incredible beauty, it adds some tonal qualities as well.