About Us

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. Iconic Custom Guitars was founded by Kevin Proctor in 2012. It had been in incubation and planning for quite some time prior to the official launch. These few people are the backbone of Iconic Custom Guitars and what make us who we are.

Kevin Proctor

Kevin is the owner, chief builder, head of marketing and design, and all around shop lackey for Iconic Custom Guitars. Kevin brings his unique experience as an electrician with an background in engineering management plus extensive manufacturing experience to the forefront to create the most amazing playing and sounding guitars available. Kevin has also assembled a team of people with amazing individual skills that, when combined, equal a team of unparalleled talent, experience and know-how.

Mike Boone

Mike is the lead builder for Iconic Custom Guitars. Mike brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the fray. Mike is in charge of final assembly and set up. In his role, he utilizes over 25 years of experience as a Fender Certified technician and Custom Shop Authorized repairman to assist in the process of creating the finest looking and playing guitars available on the market today.

Phil Traina

Phil is Head of Sales and Artist Relations. Phil has been instrumental in the design concepts of several models since coming on. A wealth of product knowledge, a great tonal ear, and a unique understanding of the business from a player's standpoint, gives Phil a unique skill set to provide a high level of service for our dealer network as well as maintain our great relationships with our growing list of endorsed artists.





The story of these folks brings us the artist and genre inspired guitars you see on the pages of this web site are based the guitars that inspired me to play when I was young and still inspire me to this day. I know they have inspired countless millions of guitar players all over the world as well! It is with great reverence and respect that we build each and every one of these models to the to be a close representative of the original, yet taking certain artistic liberties and incorporating features that make the guitars great to play and allow for greater consistency from guitar to guitar. 

The foundation of Iconic Custom Guitars is also our motto: "Creating custom shop guitars at working musician prices". We take great pride and a genuine love for finely crafted, great playing instruments and the music they help create. Quite simply, we'd like this to be the best playing guitar you will ever own, the guitar you can't put down and the guitar that inspires you to be your most creative. We are passionate about using high quality raw materials, superior components and hardware in every build. We want these guitars to be your go-to guitar every time!

*NOTE* There are times when we will take liberties with certain aspects of our instruments. We do this only to provide you with an absolutely superior guitar. The most common deviation you will likely see is our proprietary compound radius fret boards utilized on all of our Iconic S, Iconic T, Iconic LP and Iconic SoCal models.