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New models soon!

03 April, 2015

More S style and the New T styels prototype! I have been working hard to get things done and have a few guitars coming together right now and many on the way. I am very excited to share some of the new models I've been working on. I will update here as soon as I can. I am glad to report the first pickups would for Iconic Custom Guitars by Rob Timmons of Arcane Inc. are making their way into pickguards.

New models in the works

17 February, 2015

It's been a while since I've posted to the blog and there's been a lot going on behind the scenes. I am very excited to be introducing the first Crazy Diamond models in the next couple weeks. Also in this time frame I will be offering the first of the right hand body, left hand tremolo Texas Flood models. In the future this guitar will be available in either R/H or L/H tremolo versions.

A few more models in the works as well. I will share more very soon. Stay tuned and if you would like to contact me regarding anything you've seen or would like to see, please don't hesitate to call or email.



Dark Side and Crazy Diamond models in process

11 January, 2015

Dark Side and Crazy Diamond models are being shot with nitrocellulose lacquer this week! Looking forward to getting these together and sharing them with you.
Dark Side and Crazy Diamond

Photos on Site (stock and owned)

05 January, 2015

If you're reading this then I am hoping understand that the goal of my guitars and Iconic Custom Guitars is to pay homage to the most influential musicians in rock and roll and the instruments they have played. While putting this site together I have used stock photos from the internet. These photos are clearly marked and are not mine. I utilize them as representations of what work is in progress and they are strictly for reference purposes only. All photos are the property of their respective owners and I make no claim they are my own. 

All other photos on my site are mine and I have taken these photos unless otherwise indicated on the photo or page itself. The stock image photos will be replaced by actual photos as I am able to get the guitars together and get them photographed.

Working feverishly

30 December, 2014

Trying my best to get guitars finished and photographed. With the Holidays just about passed I am hoping 2015 can be a stellar year. Working on getting a couple more Dark Side models completed as well as a couple Crazy Diamond models. Also hoping to have the Stevie Ray Vaughan inspired Texas Flood models available in the first quarter of '15 too. I'll do my best to post progress photos regularly. Follow Iconic Custom Guitars on Instagram and Facebook for updates too!

Dark Side with new Iconic head stock now complete

28 December, 2014

I've taken a lot of time and effort to get this guitar where I felt it was a true tribute to arguably one of my favorite guitar players of all time. This guitar represents, for Iconic Custom Guitars, the first completed model to showcase my new distinctive head stock shape as well as hand scatter wound pickups made to my specification. I am very proud of this guitar and quite frankly, I can't stop playing it! see the Dark Side model for pics and options.
Dark Side

Site Launch 7/18/2014

19 July, 2014

After a long time in the making, as I am no web designer, I have finally made the Iconic Custom Guitars site live. There is still much work to do and I am sure there are pages with mistakes on them. There are a lot of photos from the web that I used as placeholders while developing the site. Please forgive these, I am not representing these as my own creations by any means, and they will be removed soon. I will continue to update this site as well as pictures of actual Iconic Custom Guitars.