Neglected Blog

23 June, 2018

So, it would appear that this area has been neglected for quite some time. Apologies for that if you'd been following along here a bit. Some cool things in the works around here and we're always busy. We've successfully launched the Evolution S and T models and they've had a great response. Thank you all for that, we are very proud of them.

We have also added the Vintage Modern series and have been very busy with these. Combining the aesthetic of our Vintage Series combined with the Neck profiles and electronics options from the Evolution models for the perfect blend of...Vintage Modern! 

We have a new model coming soon that will likely be leaked on on of the social media platforms soon and hopefully ready for Winter NAMM. We are in the very early stages of a full web site redesign as well. Hope all is well and keep on rockin' the world.

Thanks for checking us out!

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