Founded by Kevin Proctor in 2012, after years in incubation and planning, Iconic Guitars was created to bring to life guitars inspired by the musicians who have shaped the music world for generations and across many generes. Drawing on this inspiration our model line was born. Thoughtfully refining design elements and artfully crafting the finest instruments possible has been Kevin’s goal as well as the mission statement from day 1! Iconic Guitars is the culmination of a clear vision, expert craftsmanship and laser focus. We take great pride in our genuine love for finely crafted, great-playing instruments and the music they help you create.

We take great pride and have a genuine love for finely crafted, great playing instruments and the music they help create. Quite simply, we’d like this to be the best playing guitar you will ever own, the guitar you can’t put down and the guitar that inspires you to be your most creative. We are adamant about using high quality raw materials, superior components and hardware in every build. We want these guitars to be your go-to guitar every time!

The guitars we build, and you see across the pages of this web site, are the materialization of our admiration for those instruments and players that inspired us when we were young, and still inspire us to this day. It is with great reverence and respect that we build each and every one of these models to be a close representative of the originals, yet painstakingly working in improvements by incorporating features that make the guitars great to play and allow for greater consistency from guitar to guitar.

Our model names all draw their inspiration from the many beautiful beaches and beach communities along the San Diego coast line where our guitars are created. Our guitar models, the Solana, Tamarack, Carslbad, Cardiff and Leucadia are all namesakes for some of the most incredible beaches in Southern California.  Our La Playa model is just simply that, The Beach. And our Bass models pay tribute to these magnificant beach communities we all get to live and play in. The La Jolla and Ponto, in 4 and 5 srtring variants are sure to hold down all that bottom!