Product Line

The combinations are nearly infinite, but the models are anchored on a simple concept. The Vintage line is faithful to the originals, the Vintage Modern adds a few contemporary appointments while the Evolution takes it all to eleven.


The Vintage Series embodies all the magic of a vintage instrument along with very subtle improvements. The ultimate Vintage experience. 

Vintage Modern

The Iconic Vintage Modern Series gives a nod to the past in aesthetics while taking playability and appointments into the future.


Modern feel and playability, contemporary looks and the latest technology combine for the ultimate playing experience.

Iconic Distinguishing Qualities

The Vintage+ Radius.

Part of what made our favorite ’50s Californian guitars feel like home was their super-comfortable, cowboy chord-friendly 7.25″ fretboard radius. Unfortunately a small radius isn’t ideal for big, clean bends in the higher registers, that’s why manufactures increased it to 9.5″ in the ’60s. From the start we’ve been combining the two radii on our Vintage series fretboards, and our players love it! Of course we offer several other compounds but this one holds a special place.

Style or Sound? Have Both.

Let’s be honest, we didn’t start doing this just to cover the rent. We want to sound and look like the rockstars who inspired us, and then pay the rent. You want an instrument that will look the part, handle the demands of your work and cover all your tonal needs. That’s why, unlike most big brands, we offer “old school” offset guitars that shread, shreader-style guitars that sing and every thing in between. Pick your look and your sound.

We Play Well With Others.

Although we are very proud and protective of what we make (take our Revolution™ pickups for example), we do maintain a healthy and collaborative relationship with most electronics and hardware manufactures, as long as they meet our standards. That gives you, the player, the freedom to order an Iconic guitar with a wide range of pickups and hardware.


The I-Scream is the overdrive that will complete your quest for the “perfect” drive tone!

The extension of our search for tone. Our custom wound pickups cover the spectrum.

High quality baseball caps and beanies with embroided Iconic logo graphic.

Comfy men’s style T. Medium weight cotton blend. Black, Gray, White in sizes M to XXL.

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